How does the Resurrection Work?

The simple case on not understanding God’s Omnipresence.

veterans_cemeteryFrom a small child who has lost his pet to anyone who has lost a loved one the age old question is voiced, “What happens when we die?”

In the case of small children and the bereaved often a simple short answer is all that is needed; many will never ask again.  They are content to live out their lives believing in some very simple, and for some unsatisfactory, even ludicrous conceptions.

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The Blood Moons HOAX

Belief that the blood moons signify something extraordinary is like believing that animal migrations signify something extraordinary.  They are just too regular and predictable.

We are not sure how many or how far this teaching has spread.  Google turned up Pastor John Hagee first, so we will go with what we found on his web sight.  The Dispensationalists have taught that the eclipses of the moon are portents of the Second Coming, or the beginning of an apocalyptic tribulation event.  Supposedly, four such blood moons are coming.  While this is made to sound rather ominous and warlike, these blood moons are actually a known periodic celestial appearance.

What Hagee and others are teaching:

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The Day of the LORD

john-martin-1789-1854-great-day-of-the-lordThe day of the Lord is said to be an event at the end of time. The dispensationalist will take you to the verses that say it is “near” and explain that the writer really meant futuristically.  It is all very convoluted and confusing, and it contradicts one of the preeminent rules of hermeneutics, in that, the plain reading of the text is to be preferred above all others.  Look methodically at the passages in question and figure out where and when this “Day” is or was to happen.

Be careful because there is also that nagging problem of those pesky translators, who are often inconsistent with their translations, so that the non Hebrew reader thinks something special or different is being said, when nothing of the kind is even being inferred.   The first three verses in the Bible with this phrase   “The day of the Lord” or “Yom YHWH”, are a prime example.  They translated “today” instead of “the day” where in the Hebrew it is “the day”. Continue reading

The LORD of Hosts

holy-angelic-hostsThe title LORD of Hosts in English invokes the idea of a Being that commands both the cosmos and spiritual beings.  All creation is ordered and marshaled by Him.  It is a title of the LORD which indicates His supreme creative omnipotence.

In Hebrew YHWH Seva’ot, is always plural, which in Hebrew does not necessarily mean more than two, but can indicate great, large or important.

“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory”.  Isa 6:3

 Common misunderstanding

There are some people who think and/or teach that the hosts of God are angelic forces.  They use Rev 12 as their proof text.

His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth; Rev. 12:4

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The Angel of the LORD

sunset_rays_web_900x675The word for angel in the Hebrew can mean angel, messenger, or king, only the context decides the meaning.  But the Angel of the LORD is very different. He is clearly not an ordinary angel.  He is extraordinary. Unlike regular angels, if you can call an angel regular, the Angel of the LORD claims to be God [Ex  3:1-22], and He accepts worship [Judg. 13:16], no other angels ever makes these claims.  If worship is offered to them, they correct the person, and advice them to worship God. [Rev. 19:10; 22:9]. Where the Angel of the LORD lights the fire. [Judge 6:21]

The Angel of the LORD presented himself as no other.  Because of his unique behavior, scholars have come up with a more descriptive name,  The Pre Incarnate Christ.

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