The Promise of the Third Temple?

The Prophecy from Amos.

x1611 “In that day I will raise up 

the booth of David that is fallen 

and repair its breaches, 

and raise up its ruins, 

and rebuild it as in the days of old; 

12 that they may possess the remnant of Edom 

and all the nations who are called by my name,” 

says the LORD who does this. Amos 9:11-12 

The same promise is also in Isaiah.

5 then a throne will be established in steadfast love 

and on it will sit in faithfulness 

in the tent of David 

one who judges and seeks justice 

and is swift to do righteousness.” Is. 16:5


David had the ark brought up to Jerusalem, just had the ark [ 2 Sam. 24:21]. He did not bring up the tent or tabernacle, nor any of its other furnishings. He then offered sacrifices, acting as a High Priest [2 Sam. 6:17-18]. Saul had lost the throne for acting as High Priest, a violation of the law [1 Sam. 15:15 ]. However, unlike Saul, David’s heart was towards the Lord, and as such was a type of Messiah. So his tent was a typology of believers without a physical temple.

James quotes from Amos.

At the Jerusalem council James says the temple is us.

And all the assembly kept silence; and they listened to Barnabas and Paul as they related what signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles. 13 After they finished speaking, James replied, “Brethren, listen to me. 14 Simeon has related how God first visited the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name. 15 And with this the words of the prophets agree, as it is written, 

16 ‘After this I will return, 

and I will rebuild the dwelling of David, 

which has fallen; 

I will rebuild its ruins, 

and I will set it up, 

17 that the rest of men may seek the Lord, 

and all the Gentiles who are called by my name, 

18 says the Lord, who has made these things known from of old.’ 

19 Therefore my judgment is that we should not trouble those of the Gentiles who turn to God, 20 but should write to them to abstain from the pollutions of idols and from unchastity and from what is strangled and from blood. 21 For from early generations Moses has had in every city those who preach him, for he is read every sabbath in the synagogues.” Acts 15:12-21

We are the third temple!

The prophesied tent, booth, tabernacle, dwelling, of David is according to James and the whole council of Jerusalem, Believers [Act 15]. As he explains since the Gentiles are manifesting the spirit they must already be “clean”. Clearly all the laws of sacrifice and cleansing are no longer needed as these Gentiles had not participated in these ceremonial laws.

Prior to this the rabbis’ had argued whether the Gentiles (when they came into the kingdom) would be required to keep all 613 laws of the Torah. Or perhaps, the 30 laws in Leviticus 19, or just the Noachic laws. The decision of the Council was that temple worship was over; the LORD had typologically set up the tent of David, and all that should be imposed on Gentiles are the Noachic laws [Gen 9:1-7].

Dispensationalists have marred the truth that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, with their false teachings that the kingdom is delayed and that there will be a Jewish type millennium. They teach that the Jews are going to rebuild a physical temple, and re-institute sacrifices. Then at a crucial apex, for some unfathomable reason, they will let the anti-christ sit in this temple.

No one ever sat inside the temple! Where or how he will sit? On the altar of incense?  No, that would be too hot. The table of show bread?  No it had staves. Maybe, they will find the ark and he will carefully balance his tushy on the wings of the cherubim? No, the ark is gone, Jeremiah said never to be found again! [Jer 3:16]. Oh yes, and all the nations will see this, even though it is all inside and behind a veil. Where is such a prophecy? Where in the Bible is this future temple?

They have everyone looking for a perfect millennium in the future, and not keeping their own houses clean. All we know of a “millennium”, is that the dead of the INQUISITION will reign, and Satan will be bound [Rev 20:1-6]. No temple is mentioned, let alone a return to sacrifices.

We need to stop pinning for a slaughter house in the old city of Jerusalem and instead fix our eyes on cleaning the temple, that we have, us. We must recognize that something even greater is coming, for there is no temple in the New Jerusalem [Rev. 21:22].

Final atonement has been made. There is no need for a sacrificial system! (Heb 13:9). A careful reading of The Revelation, chapter 4-5, reveals the great realization that Jesus, as High Priest, is always “officiating” at Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) before the throne. All the elders are dressed as High Priests on Yom Kippur, wearing white and having golden crowns. They do not present a sacrifice. There is no need. Because the Lamb is worthy. Not like any other lambs.  None of them in all the years that the tabernacle/temple stood were ever truly worthy. Neither will any future lamb be truly worthy. They are no longer needed. We are clean.

We are sons of Abraham, not Moses. We do not need the ashes of a red heifer to make us clean.  We approach God as our own priest, offering spiritual sacrifices [1 Pet. 2:5].

. . . then he added,  “Lo, I have come to do thy will.” He abolishes the first in order to establish the second. And by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. Heb. 10:9 -10

Thus says the LORD: “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool; what is the house which you would build for me, and what is the place of my rest? All these things my hand has made, and so all these things are mine, says the LORD. But this is the man to whom I will look, he that is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word. Is. 66:1 -2


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  4. Beloved,
    There are several scriptures taken out of context in this piece. It would be helpful if the actual text of the scripture were present instead of citing the ch/vs.

    The “We need to stop pinning for a slaughter house in the old city of Jerusalem” comment is revealing….was the design, practice and function of the temple system imagined/created by man or a mistake by G-d? G-d forbid!

  5. Yet if one does not believe animal sacrifices are ever again necessary, then referring to their location as a slaughter house is neither inaccurate or blasphemous. In short, when read in context of the argument given, no blasphemy can be attributed to the author.

  6. We are the final temple. The house that Ha Shem will dwell in forever. This will be a reality when all things are fulfilled in the scriptures. The third temple is the next elevation in Ha Shem plan to restore all things.
    Be careful that you not slander what Ha Shem has prescribed as the service within his house. Life is both physical and spiritual. Pray that your heart be opened to see what Ha Shem is doing.


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