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Margaret MacDonald / The origin of the Rapture

St. Bartholomew’s day Massacre

Edict of Toleration

Soli-Lunar Cycles

Roasted Child

Scofield – The Pope of Prophecy Perversion

Temple Omens

A Holy Fountain, Baptism, Living Waters, Set Apart, Kadosh


The Ten Nations, Ten Toes, or Ten Horns Chart

The Hoax of a One World Government or New World Order

Eagles and Eagle Wings

The French Revolution

The 95 Theses by Luther

Church In-fighting

H. Grattan Guinness’ Round Chart

The Nicolaitans


The Two Babylons in pdf

Futurism or what happened to the Tribulation?

Rebuilding the Temple and Julian the Heretic

The Jesuit Oath Exposed

The Edict of Justinian

The Twelve Conclusions of the Lollards (1396-97)

Israel Failed to Keep the Covenant

Parsing Daniel 8:12


Judgment comes in Fours

H. Grattan Guinness’  Large Time Chart

A Translation of Tetzel’s Indulgences

Romanism and the Reformation pdf

Names of the Twelve Tribes

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